Organisational Development & Change Management Interventions

    Whilst we coach and mentor individuals, groups and teams to build the necessary competence to lead themselves and solve their problems effectively, in turn we consult on the problem to help the organisation find the root cause and implement strategies mitigate the problem. Using various OD models and techniques we believe in making meaning of the environment; through various diagnostic tools we facilitate deep understanding of the problem; assess where people and organisations are and what is needed; use design thinking and coaching methods to facilitate crucial conversations and engagements; encourage contemplation, visualisation and reflection to ensure clarity of purpose, vision and goals; apply

    the basic principles of co-creation, inclusivity and collaboration to support planning for results; encourage and support experimentation and implementation taking into consideration people’s learning styles; embed and cement the learning for continuous improvement and sustainability.

    All our interventions are reinforced by a robust change management programme designed to ensure collective buy-in and ownership; create the right climate, mindset, value-driven and service-oriented culture; manage resistances; remove blockages and mobilise positive energy behind the desired change.

    EXECUTIVE SEARCH, Talent Management & Development

    We adopt a wholistic approach to talent management. We’ll help your organisation implement a talent management strategy to acquire and retain the best calibre of people at executive and senior levels whilst maximizing on the value they bring to improve productivity and performance. Depending

    where the organisation is, we will help with the entire value chain from workforce analysis and HR planning aligned to the strategy and goals, competency-based recruitment, onboarding, coaching, training and development, performance management systems, succession planning and strategic exit.