Coaching & MENTORING

Individual, group and team coaching and mentoring helping participants achieve significant personal and professional evolution and transformation. Using a repertoire of coaching techniques, blending social science and management theory with practical solutions.
The way Litha coaches brings about a sense of connection to a higher purpose and involves a search for deeper meaning in life.
When you join iLithalelanga movement you will experience a systematic journey that will unlock the power and potential in you so that you can grow into your greatest self.  Focus is on adding value and creating a culture of passion and purpose.

Individual Coaching & MENTORING

A designed alliance solely dedicated to your growth and intended outcomes either in your personal or professional life. A space to challenge your status quo and thinking, instill a mindset of possibility and help you take responsibility for what you want. So much in the moment with you, you will feel like you have a GPS helping you to get on course with whatever is important to you.

TEAM Coaching

With increasing complexity, fast past of change and team dynamics, the value of collaboration is a must have in any organisation. We support the leader and hold the container for the team, help people contract with each other towards a common goal, navigate team dynamics and stages of team development for improved performance, ensure maximum participation and accountability.

Group Coaching & Mentoring

When two or more people who have a common interest come together to share wisdom and experience, something magical happens. We leverage on the power of diversity and collective wisdom. We use design thinking principles for hosting conversations that matter: create space for deep thinking, visioning, reflection, action, exchange and co-learning; connecting diverse perspectives; encourage listening together for insights and create space for sharing learnings and discoveries.

Take advantage of the following group coaching signature programmes

DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ESSENCE: A journey of personal transformation:
12-week programme, 2 hours once a week

“Discovering your true essence is like experiencing an epiphany” – Litha

It’s not just a journey of discovering your purpose but a journey of spiritual transformation that comes as a result of a change in perspective. It’s a paradigm shift.

The programme is designed to raise your level of awareness and consciousness of who you are, your strengths and limitations, destructive thinking and what’s holding you back; unleashing your full potential; help you find meaning and purpose, manifest your dreams and aspirations and make significant transitions and breakthroughs in your life. 

It will help you to systematically deconstruct and dismantle every piece of your essence and journey with you as you reconstruct your life so that you can stretch and grow, unleash the power and potential within you to Become the person who has what they want to achieve.

My mission through this programme is to help you learn how to align, harmonize, synchronize and integrate your purpose and vision in your personal and professional life so that you can create a more successful, fulfilling and purposeful life for yourself whilst making a difference in the lives of others.

It takes consciousness, intentionality, self-efficacy, courage, discipline, consistency and accountability.

“Until you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in any but the most superficial sense of the world. You are your own raw material. When you know what you consist of and what you want to make of it, then you can invent yourself”

Warren Bennis

INFINITE GROWTH: Powered by John Maxwell 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: 6-month programme, 2 hours once a month

“I believe that the reason we are alive is to evolve and grow into our greatest selves” – Litha

The challenge is that as people we put a lid on our growth and in so doing progressively extinguish ourselves. We adopt a finite mindset because we live in a finite world where everything has a limit.

Personal growth is an infinite game. Learning is infinite. It’s a life-long process.

When we change our paradigm and embrace an infinite growth mindset, we unleash our power and potential so that we continuously evolve to Become the best versions of ourselves at all stages of our growth path.

The programme would help you apply the proven principles that will make you SHINE and GROW infinitely, keep you evolving and becoming over and over and over again.

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

Abraham Maslow